The Best 100 Hostel Life Quotes That Will Comfort You

hostel life quotes

If you’ve ever been in hostel then you might have an idea about how is the hostel, and how we live hostel Life and enjoy every aspect of our life. In this post I’m going to share some hostel Life Quotes, you can relate them and heal your soul if you have any past memory about college/school hostel.

Basically in hostel we used to spend much time with our roommates and treat them as they’re the only one we can trust, share things, secrets and much more. We don’t use to go outside, instead of that we use to bring things with us on our room to enjoy it till it hits the end. It can be alcohol party, birthday treat or breakup beats.

We leave our houses a hundred miles away and living a life to focus on study, friendship or learn how to survive far away from home without any personal attachment. This is how we hostlers live, yeah memories of home and old friends hits us every morning but still we don’t give up.

hostel life quotes

The Best 100 Hostel Life Quotes That Will Comfort You

Here I have a huge list of Best 100 Hostel Life Quotes which are designed to make you feel strong or let you remember old spot. Your eyes might get wet after reading some of these hostel Life Quotes because they are deep enough to make you cry. But trust me these quotes are good enough to not to give upon your dreams, they’ll make you feel strong as well also motivates you.

hostel quotes

We all have done this before in school because of some tests and incomplete notes. But in Hostel you don’t tell the truth that you’re sick because your don’t want to put your parents in tension just because of your health.

hostel work quotes

Best Quotes About Hostel Life For Students

hostel quotes about life

As you have read some of the quotes about hostel life now it’s time to take a look at some Image Quotes. You can use these images to put it on your whatsapp story, instagram post or facebook timeline, anywhere you want to.

hostel living quotes

In childhood I used to narrate every incident of my day to my mother when I came back to home after school, but now this isn’t working anymore. Now I’m best in hiding my day activities because it’s getting worse day by day and I don’t need to talk about them.

hostel memory quotes

We hardly don’t wish to go back home because we don’t want to live far from parents but if we don’t do that then the success will remains a dream for us. If you want to be successful then you should have to learn how to live alone without being in touch of family, friends.

hostel sharing quotes


Heart Touching Hostel Life Quotes

Some moments are unforgettable, we can’t forget them at all. They hits our mind in bad situations or whenever we feel lonely in hostel. These images are based on those feelings, if you ever been through any of these situations then please make a share to support our work.

ghar ka khana hostel life quotes

As a hostler, everybody wants to eat great food because the food mess supplies is such a mess. Then we remember the dishes that our mother uses to made for us, but we didn’t ever appreciated her work. Now, we are just keen to eat home made food, no matter what they serves. This is why I made these Hostel Life Quotes.

hostel life quotes in hindi

You might know this fact already, if you have good roommates they’ll never let you remember home memories because they will make you stand to create new ones. And you also enjoy their company and live like it’s your own made kingdom and you’re the price of it. Your 1BH room is like an empire for you, until you don’t think about your home.

Final Words

I hope you guys have enjoyed my post, if you have something other than this then you can contact me to share you quotes, thoughts and saying. I’ll surely gather all of your feedback and try to update my post along with your stuff.

Don’t forget to share these quotes with your friends, or loved ones who is living in hostel. Keep visiting to see much more quotes, we regularly update our posts.

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